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Be in the Know - January 2015

Database: CultureGrams

What's it like to be a young adult in Djibouti, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, or Egypt? CultureGrams explores world cultures through articles, pictures, comparative statistics and interviews. With a middle school-friendly reading level, everyone can explore the many fascinating aspects of world cultures. Foodies: check out the large recipe collection. There is an option to listen to the audio versions of articles as well.


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Password: cgrams

Censorship: Food for Thought

In March 2014, the Pakistani media removed an article on the front page of the New York Times leaving indisputable evidence of censorship in the form of a large blank space. See photo below. The missing article was entitled "What Pakistan Knew about Bin Laden".

But we aren't in Pakistan so you are free to read the article:

What Pakistan Knew about Bin Laden

Information Strategies:

Freedom of the press in the United States is a topic many people debate as well. Issues relevant to national security are frequently omitted by reputable journalists. When forming opinions any topic I often ask myself if all the facts are available to me. Who would have a vested interest in concealing facts? What does alternative media have to say about the topic? If available, what does the international media say? The more widely you read, the better able you'll be to access the facts of any topic. However, there will always be issues shrouded in the cloudy haze of uncertainty, distortion or misinformation. Accounting for this possibility will widen your skills of analysis.

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