Andrew Jackson History Project

Written By Cole Ostlund

The War Record

January 18, 1885 British soldiers attempted to invade New Orleans. Andrew Jackson had not long before built ramparts to defend. Soon his defenses were put to use. About 2,000 British soldiers charged the beaches and all were cut down to Jackson's 70 or so. This made him a war hero

Worchester vs Georgia

During the Indian removal act the Indians sued the USA for taking their land. The supreme court ruled the Indians were correct and should not leave. But Andrew Jackson wanted to make money off the land, and forced them off anyway.

Spoils System

When Andrew Jackson became president he fired almost everybody in office. He then relapsed them with people who helped him get into office. This helped him get reelected and stay popular with the people in office.

Political Cartoon Explanation

Andrew Jackson acted like a donkey and never did what he was told or followed the rules. This led to him being refereed to as a donkey along with the national bank, they always wanted money.

Letter to the Editor 1 (Southerner)

I like Jackson being president, He can give me a job in his office. If not he will just give us the Indian land over in Georgia. When the Indians went to leave, one of them got mad and sued the U.S. government. He won but Jackson kicked him out anyway. And then secured his place in office by hiring people.

Letter to the Editor 2 (Northerner)

Andrew Jackson should not have won that election, and he fired every worthy person in office. He let the dingbat's who helped him get positions in office! The only worthy thing he did was kill all those British down in New Orleans.