Jeremy Scott

"Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!"

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Who Is Jeremy Scott ?

  • Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer
  • He was born on August 8th, 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri where he would spend his adolescent through teenage years
  • Scott always knew he wanted to be apart of fashion
  • "I was enthralled by it. That is where i wanted to be, in the page of fashion magazines."
  • As a child, he would read the Italian "Vogue" in between classes, and write about fashion in his french essays

After High School

  • After graduating from high school, Scott moved to New York where he attended Pratt Institute studying fashion design
  • While in New York, he earned himself an internship with Marc Jacobs

After College

  • After graduating from Pratt Institute, Jeremy Scott booked a flight to Paris France
  • Soon after arriving in Paris, Scott bumped into PR for Jean Paul Gaultier
  • This began the start of a promising career


  • After arriving in Paris, Scott worked as a party promoter at the Folies Pigalle night club and quickly became a face on the Paris scene
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1st Collection

  • His first collection debuted in 1997
  • It was themed around car crashes
  • Models wore paper hospital gowns and shoe heels bandaged to their feet

1st Formal Runway

  • In October of 1997, Jeremy Scott presented his first formal runway
  • He called it Rich White Women
  • The garments lacked sleeves or legs, or had humps or flying shoulders
  • Scott was so moved by the models collected on the runway, at the end he cried out "Vive L'Avant Garde!"
  • That phrase became his battle cry
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Who Is Jeremy Scott ?

  • His reputation grew with every collection
  • He sent trash bag dresses, four armed jumpers, and wonky heels down the catwalk
  • His work was both praised and hated, but whatever your opinion, he became a superstar
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Colors, Fabrics, Styles, And Accesories

  • There are no boundaries when it comes to what Jeremy Scott can and will do
  • His designs feature an array of unique colors, silhouettes, styles, and accessories
  • He doesn't have a set style
  • "I try to convey joy in the clothes i design
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  • In 1996 and 1997 Jeremy Scott won the Venus De La Mode award for "Best designer of the year"
  • In 1999 Scott was recognized by the CDFA and was nominated for the "Best young designer"
  • He was nominated by The Face Magazine in 2004 as 32 of 100 most powerful people in the fashion industry

Clever 2000

  • Vogue called Scott's Spring Ready-To-Wear show "A witty reply to all his detractors, who has accused him in the past of producing outlandish clothing that no one would wear."
  • He toned the fashion down in an attempt to create a business casual look

The Big Move

  • Jeremy Scott moves from Paris to Los Angeles, California in the fall of 2001
  • Los Angeles welcomed his uber trash, parodic style with wide open arms
  • Scott says he chose to relocate to Los Angeles because of his relationship with the entertainment industry


  • In January of 2002, Jeremy Scott achieved one of his long term ambitions when he appeared as a celebrity contestant of Wheel Of Fortune
  • He was also given the opportunity to dress hostess Vanna White in his glamour gowns and denim wear
  • Jeremy Scott has designed for many well known celebrities as well
  • Britney Spears' air hostess outfit in the "Toxic" video
  • Lady Gaga's outfit in "Paparazzi"
  • Beyonce, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are also long term friends of Scott
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  • June 2008, Adidas launched a collaboration collection of footwear and apparel by Scott
  • The wing high top and teddy bear high top sneakers are popular with hip hop stars, as well as with the general public
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  • In June 2012, Adidas decided that a pair of sneakers decided by Scott called the JS Roundhouse Mids would not be sold after the shoes were criticized for their apparent resemblance to shackles, an illusion to slavery
  • In February 2013, Scott was accused of plagiarizing designs from Santa Cruz Skateboards
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  • Jeremy Scott was appointed the creative director of Moschino this past October, and had already began designing his first collection for the house when he met in Milan right before Thanksgiving
  • Many of his Moschino designs feature food in a fashionable way
  • When asked why he chose to pursue popular food chain Mcdonald's for a percentage of his collections, he replied
  • "McDonald's is apart of our everyday lives. When I design, I always pull from things that are significant to me. In my work, i search for happiness, and then try to convey that joy into fashion."
  • His collection also features the well known nickelodeon character, Sponegbob
  • Featured below are pictures from the Moschino Collection 2014
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Shop Jeremy Scott

  • In case you were wondering, Jeremy Scott's collection is not cheap at all
  • Everything that his collection(s) offer are priced above the $100 mark
  • He would fall under the Couture fashion designer category


  • Jeremy Scott Adidas: $100-$400
  • Jeremy Scott Clothing: $100-$400
  • Jeremy Scott Accessories: $70-$200
  • iPhone case: $78
  • T-Shirt dress: $250
  • Sweater: $780
  • Moschino McDonald's purse: $1265


  • Jeremy Scott unveiled his first fragrance, called Moschino Toy
  • The bottle for the unisex fragrance is a Teddy Bear
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  • Jeremy Scott has his own line of sunglasses, watches, hats, totes, backpacks, and totes all ranging price wise in the same area as his shoes and clothes
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  • Jeremy Scott does what other designers are afraid to do
  • He expresses himself through fashion
  • He's never let the controversy and setbacks stop him from what he loves to do
  • Jeremy Scott is one of the greatest, most influential fashion designers today
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