Animal Experimentation

By: Jennifer Rojas

Should Animal Experimentation be allowed?

Animal testing should not be allowed because scientists are harming innocent animals just to make an experiment and one day animals population will decrease because of animal testing.


Animal Experimentation is used to test new products or medicines in animals to see if it works. It helps scientists understand diseases that afflict animals and humans.They know if the products or medicines would not work in animals. They will see a weird behavior in animals or they might not survive. If the products work now they will use it in humans to cure any treatments, for example new medicines or new surgical techniques.


Some people believe that animals are similar to humans that's why they experiment medicines and other things in animals. However, an article by Ryan Ballinger states, "We also do not know how these medicines could affect us because some medicines affect us in different ways than animals."
- A research study conducted by Frankie L. Trull found that " The new virus designed by researchers helps the body's immune system to recognized and attack cancer cells. As in countless other revolutionary therapies, animal research played an individual role in creating this treatment." They have used this new treatment that has been tested from many animals and it has worked.

- In the article " Animal Testing and It's Gifts To Humans" author Frankie L. Trull says, " Those who doubt this value need only look at the faces of patients in the Duke trial whose lives have been saved by these essential research techniques." By using many animals they at least has solved something for good.

- A research study conducted by Ian Wilmut found that " By contrast, laboratory screening of drugs will be both quicker and cheaper, as hundreds of tests will be able to be carried out in the time taken for one animal test." They used animals to get new treatments and now they are selling it for a low cost when animals had suffered to get this new treatment.

- A research study conducted by Frankie L. Trull says that " Animal models rarely lead to discoveries that relevant to humans." This is why they test things in animals since they are similar to humans.

- In the article " Animal Experimentation " the author says " Animal experimentation has lead to the development of treatments for diabetes, anthrax, rabies, polio and small pox, as well as anti-depressants, tranquilizers and antibiotics." This shows that scientists have took advantage on animals to get new treatments to cure some diseases.